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Tesla Model 3 or Model Y Rubber Cup Holder 

Tesla Model 3 or Model 3 Rubber Cup Holder 

Make your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y front beverage holder more secure. Is the speed, performance, and excitement of your Tesla Model 3 tempered by the thought of your beverage flinging out of the factory beverage slots? If your drink container is smaller than the OEM drink holder opening, the beverage container can rock inside the cup holder and even spill as a consequence. 

Black, Grey, Red, and Blue versions available.

Our Tesla Model 3/Y rubber cup holder gives you a snug fit for most drink containers (Coffee cups, soda canes, energy drinks, etc) so you can drive with confidence. Installation is as easy as dropping the silicon rubber insert into the existing cup holder in your center console.

Made of soft silicone rubber with flexible interior nubs to grab the beverage container, our tesla cup holder insert is a low-profile addition to your Tesla M3 or Model Y. Engineered to the precise dimensions of the existing beverage holder shape. Designed to stabilize beverage containers of varying diameters, holding them in place so they don’t rock, tilt, or spill. 

Large diameter containers that fit more snug into our rubber molds come right out with a slight twist.

Installation of the Tesla Model 3 Cupholder is simple and requires no tools.

  1. Place the Tesla Model 3 Rubber Cup Holder Insert for Tesla Model 3 or Model Y cup holder
  2. Press the inside base of the Tesla Model 3 or Y Rubber Cup Holder Insert until the base touches the floor at the bottom of the OEM cup holder.

Is it easy to install and remove the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y Rubber Cup Holder Insert?

Yes. The cup holder slides right into place and can be easily removed by pulling it out. No tools, adhesives, or mechanical fasteners are required.

Is it easy to clean the Silicon Cup holder?

Yes. Warm water and a clean rag will clean the cup holder quite well.  You can also use a small amount of dish detergent and a warm cleaning rag. Do not use a wire brush, hard plastic bristle scrubber, metal scrubber, or any other abrasive or harsh chemicals to clean the cup holder.

Does the Tesla Model 3 Rubber Cup Holder Insert fit the exact shape of the Model 3 cup holders?

Yes. The insert was engineered for Tesla Model 3.

What makes the Tesla Model 3 Rubber Cup Holder Insert different from generic cup holders?

The Tesla Model 3 Rubber Cup Holder fits into the exact shape of the existing cupholder. Both the beverage wells and the space between the wells are covered.  The rubber tabs grab and stabilize your beverage while driving. 

What is the purpose of the flexible nubs on the inside of the openings?

The nubs are designed to allow the cup holder insert to accommodate different beverage sizes and hold them securely.

Will the Tesla Model 3 Rubber Cup Holder Insert pull out when I remove my beverage container?

In general, the insert will remain in place. However, if the beverage container has a large diameter or if the surface of the container is rough, the insert may pull out when you remove the container. With a twisting motion, even larger size cups come out easily.

If I spill liquid, will it be contained within the insert, or will it leak into the OEM Cup Holder?

In most cases, the liquid should be contained within the cup holder insert, protecting your OEM cup holder from damage.

Will the Tesla Model 3 Rubber Cup Holder fit the Tesla Model X or S?

No. This product is sized only for the Model 3 and Model Y.

Can the cup holder be washed in the dishwasher?
Yes, the Cupholder is dishwasher safe up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.