3D Printed Terrain Map of Arizona at 3,535,003:1 Scale with Elevational tri-tone

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3D Printed Terrain Map of Arizona at 3,535,003:1 Scale colored by elevation

Tri-Tone 3D printed representation of the state Of Arizona. Individually made with a 3D printer. This 3d print of Arizona is ~47hr printing process. One of a kind 3-toned by elevation with some white-capped.  Black, Metallic Copper, and Metallic Silver.

Color transitions from Black to Copper at ~1900' elevation
Color transitions from Copper to Silver at ~5280' elevation

This one of a kind Topographic map shows the Mountains and Valleys of Arizona including:

  • Mount Lemon
  • Micah Mountain
  • Humphreys Peak
  • Mount Graham
  • Grand Canyon and the path of the Colorado River is depicted
  • Valley of the Sun (Greater Phoenix)


Material:  PLA Silk (PLA for polylactic acid. Made from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugarcane)

Weight: 10 oz

Dimensions: The Eastern border of Arizona is printed at 7”. This equates to a horizontal scale of 3,535,003:1. Vertical Scale has been exaggerated a little to highlight the peaks and the Grand Canyon.

Color: Black, Metallic Copper, and Metallic Silver