Green Piece Cleaner 16 oz – Free travel size – 4 Oz. and a Free Pipe Cleaner! The All Natural Glass Cleaner, Metal and… Price: $19.88 (as of 03/01/2022 19:30 PST- Details)


Size:7 Piece Set

We ensure that this would be the best, easiest cleaner that you’ve got ever used. Green Piece has created this amazing product for you. Everyone knows that a cleaner piece is a more fit piece. A clean pipe is just necessary but it is so easy to let it get all grimey! This earth friendly, biodegradable formula cleans your pieces effortlessly! Don’t put it off to any extent further. We proudly introduce our 100% All Natural Cleaner that cleans Glass, Pyrex, Metal and Ceramic with ease. Simply add it to your piece, shake and rinse and be amazed. For extra grimey pieces, use the pipe cleaner (included). There is not any reason to have a dirty pipe….this is the solution. Also great on cleaning any glass or metal or pyrex piece. “Hey man, It is an out of this world pipe cleaner, I clean my pipe and glass with this glass cleaner. Green piece cleaner rocks!” Anonymous