Arcade1Up Star Wars Digital Pinball Price: $749.99 (as of 03/01/2022 19:30 PST- Details)

23.8″ LCD Playfield; 7.5″” LCD Score Screen
Dimensions: 59.5″ Tall, 36″Long, and 20.5″Wide (Flippers rest at 35″ tall in front of the waist)
Haptic Touch Flippers with Real Feel Flipper Feedback


23.8″ LCD Playfield; 7.five”” LCD Score Display
Dimensions: 59.five” Tall, 36″Lengthy, and 20.five”Wide (Flippers relax at 35″ tall in entrance of the waist)
Haptic Touch Flippers with Actual Really feel Flipper Feedback
2 Playfield Titties (Utilizing Solenoid Modules for Playfield Ball Feedback)
Actual Really feel Tilt and Nudge; Gentle Up Back Glass; Adjustable Steel Legs