ge opal 2.0 ice maker – make the good ice at home

GE opal 2.0 Ice Maker Review

GE Opal 2.0 Ice Maker – Make the Good Ice at Home

The Opal 2.0 looks similar to the original model, but there are some noticeable differences. It still uses a sleek stainless steel cabinet with gray plastic trim. There is a black stainless steel option available for those who have existing black stainless steel appliances. Designed for the countertop, the Opal measures height 16.5” by width 13.4” by depth 17.5” and weighs 38 pounds, slightly smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the original Opal.

The original Opal (aka GE Profile OPAL01GEPKT Opal) used a round backlit button and different colored lights to tell you what state the machine is in. The GE Opal 2.0 Ice Maker uses text-based status indicators located on its face, near the top, making it easier to understand what the appliance is doing at any time.

The left side indicators show “Making Ice”, “Add Water ”, “Defrosting”, and “Cleaning”. A Wi-Fi indicator lights when the ice maker is connected to your network. The right side indicators show the “Clean”, “Light”, and “Power” buttons. The Power button turns the ice maker on and off, the Clean button puts it in cleaning mode, and the Light button turns the interior ice bin light on and off and lets you select a high or dim illumination setting. 

The GE Opal 2.0 Ice Maker GE Opal 2.0 Ice Maker uses the same ice-making technology as the original Opal. Ice flakes form in a chilled cylinder and compress into small nuggets like the ones you get at a Sonic drive-in, which are softer than regular ice cubes and easy to chew. The Opal 2.0 makes up to one pound of ice per hour and has a clear pull-out bin that can hold up to three pounds of ice. The interior reservoir holds enough water to fill the ice bin before having to be refilled.

This ice maker has a 1-year warranty. We recommend an extended warranty for the GE Opal 2.0 Ice Maker due to the purchase price. You’ll want to be happily making ice for many years.

What has changed or improved over the first Opal model?

New to the Opal 2.0 is a side tank reservoir that provides water for up to nine pounds of ice. It also includes an embedded 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio that lets you control the Opal 2.0 with your phone no matter where you are. There are two tubes around the back for draining the system during the cleaning cycle, one of which will be connected to the side tank when installed. Included in the box is a clear scoop (although we prefer the OXO scoop due to its flexibility), an owner’s manual, a quick start guide, and a drip tray that collects dropped ice or water.

The 2.0 iteration of the Opal has Wifi with the ability to schedule ice making from outside of the house. The old version of the Opal had Bluetooth, so you needed to be nearby to perform any app-based functions.

The side tank is built into the Opal 2.0. In the original model, you had to purchase the side tank separately. This gives you 3x more water, which means that you’ll get more ice and have to fill the water reservoir less. 

What water to use?

We use water from our Reverse Osmosis System. That way it’s already pretty clean for ice making. For those who don’t have an RO System, you can use Bottled water, or use one of the filters made especially for the Opal 2.0.

ge opal 2.0 ice maker – make the good ice at home

Opal 2.0 Ice Maker with side reservoir and tubing


ge opal 2.0 ice maker – make the good ice at home

Opal 2.0 Ice Maker Reservoir

What exactly is “Sonic Ice” or “chewy ice”?

Sometimes called nugget ice, Sonic Ice, chewy ice, or soft crunchy ice. The ice nuggets are smaller and softer than larger ice cubes and easier to chew. It’s more of a slightly hardened slush type of ice.

Chewy ice can often be found in hospitals so patients can get some hydration. Given the choice, most people will prefer nugget ice over the large icebergs that most refrigerators produce.

If you consume enough ice, this attractive nugget ice maker could theoretically produce 24 pounds of nugget ice in a day. That’s one pound of the “Good Ice” ice every hour.

Cleaning The Opal 2.0

You’ll want to stay on top of the cleaning schedule.  The machine will tell you when it needs to be cleaned.  The cleaning process is easy and fairly quick.

What we Like about the GE Opal 2.0 Ice Maker

Makes nugget ice quickly – the first batch in about 20 minutes
Equipped with Wi-Fi – schedule ice to be ready when you arrive
Side water reservoir – keeps the ice production going
Quiet operation – The Original Opal had a reputation for being loud. This 2.0 unit hasn’t been loud. The faint sound that ours makes is just the sound of cold, chewy, ice nugget goodness.
Sleek design – fits in an already stainless steel kitchen, or adds a splash of class to a non-stainless steel kitchen
Capacity – Storage bin holds 3 pounds of ice. When full, the ice maker will pause; as the ice nuggets melt, the Opal 2.0 will always keep it full (If you have it turned on).

What we Don’t Like

The Price Tag – You’ll need to weigh the value of having a constant supply of nugget ice vs the cost of purchasing the appliance. This Nugget Ice Machine is King of the Hill at the moment and is priced accordingly.
No push notifications or light scheduling from the app – hopefully, an app update will give us the ability to schedule the LED light and push notifications like “I see you are 10 miles from home, would you like to have the good ice when you get home?”. THAT would be cool.

The GE SmartHQ mobile app 

The Opal 2.0 uses the Smart HQ mobile app (for Android and iOS), which also controls other GE smart home devices including the GE Profile White Energy Star 8,100 BTU Smart Ultra Quiet Window Air Conditioner (PHC08LY).

The app will let you know when the machine is making ice, when it’s time to add water, and when the bin is full, and it lets you dim or turn off the interior light and create an ice-making schedule. Currently, there are no push notifications that tell you when you need to add water or when it’s time for a cleaning. Additionally, a light schedule would help conserve power and extend the life of the bulb.




If you’re having multiple guests over, you’ll probably want to bag the ice and freeze it in order to have plenty. Put the GE opal 2.0 Ice Maker to work! After all, it can make about 24lbs of nice in a day. Freeze it and store it. Your get-together will be a hit when your guests experience the “Good Ice”.

Final Thoughts on The GE opal 2.0 Ice Maker

Overall, though the Opal 2.0’s design is similar to the original Opal Nugget Ice Maker. Some improvements corrections were made though.

If you like nugget ice and have some discretionary income, get it. If you’ve made a decision to drink more water, get it. If you like practicing some mixology at home and want to make the best-looking, most appealing drinks possible, this machine is for you.

If you’re not a huge fan of the nugget ice found at Sonic and/or you have better things to spend your money on, perhaps you pass on this appliance.  Most of us have lived our entire lives without making nugget ice at home, right? Yet, somehow we survived.

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