Pinball and Gaming

Pinball is making a comeback. According to the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) there were nearly 4,500 competitions and more than 55,000 players participating in 2017.

And the games? They're often designed and programmed to be enjoyed for years. There is much more strategy and theming involved in today's machines. The Manufacturers like Stern and Jersey Jack meticulously program each machine with deep rulesets and periodic software updates. That new machine, gets better with time as code updates are released to machine owners.

And it's not just for men any longer. Belles and Chimes, an international network of inclusive women's pinball leagues run by women, for women was founded in 2013 in Oakland, California. 

The mission of Belles & Chimes is to provide a fun, social environment for women to play pinball together.