Bose SoundLink Revolve vs JBL Flip 5 - Finding the right Bluetooth SpeakerBose SoundLink Revolve vs JBL Flip 5

Many consider the Bose SoundLink Revolve + a far better speaker than the JBL Flip 5 overall. Why? The Bose Soundlink speaker has a high rating for dust and water resistance, although we do not test for this particular metric. Additionally, it supports voice assistants through the smartphone and also does a great job of hearing you when you are much from the speaker or even in noisy environments.

Having said that, the JBL is lighter and smaller compared to the Bose. It is unbelievably lightweight and also includes a carrying strap which makes it easy to take around when you are on the go.



When evaluating the Bose SoundLink Revolve vs JBL Flip 5 it’s true that Bose and JBL are 2 of the major players for speakers, earphones, audio accessories. Over the last several years, both manufacturers have produced some of the finest quality speakers, like the Bose Portable Smart Speak­er and also the JBL Charge 4. And these days, JBL features have much higher inclusion to the lineup in the form of the JBL Flip 5.

The JBL Flip 5


JBL is much better compared to Bose in battery life, offering an AUX Input plus an additional USB port, presence of a subwoofer, so the reality that it’s water-resistant and dustproof. JBL likewise provides a detachable cable and also a socket for a 3.5 mm audio jack.

On another hand, Bose has greater portability as its speakers are 1kg or perhaps less in mass when compared with JBL, which has speakers that weigh as much as 5.25 kg (11.5 lbs). Bose speakers are usually more advanced and the majority of them support Wi-Fi, they have a mute function and also offer voice commands. Let’s look that some accessories of these Speakers:

JBL and Bose Speaker Accessories You should Consider:

1. Bose Soundlink Carry Case:

The Bose SoundLink carry case is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. The outside of Bose Soundlink Revolve Carry Case is made with tough EVA material, and the inner lining features smooth velvet material. The hardcover may efficiently cushion the effect and lessen the harm caused by accidental collisions, and much better defend the SoundLink Revolve Speakers and accessories.

The sturdy and smooth zipper causes it to be painless to close and open the Bose SoundLink Revolve traveling case, and also it’s simple to correct and keep the SoundLink Revolve Speaker. In addition, the tailoring process is great, and that helps make the Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker hard case quite durable as well as beautiful.

We have specifically made the situation to match your Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Plus Bluetooth Speaker. With excellent EVA material is Semi Waterproof, Shockproof as well as Durable to safeguard the Speaker from splashes and impacts.

The case includes a powerful Rubber Handle that allows for quick portability on the go. Inner design well for charging cradle, AC adaptor and USB cable, Smooth but strong 360-degree zipper for simple Opening and Closing.

2. JBL Flip 5 Carrying Case:

The JBL Flip 5 Carrying Case is a built-in super quality lining that reflects the exceptional flavor and also guarantees a durable performance, the smooth anti-static lining can safeguard your JBL Flip 5, Speaker, from bumps, dents, and scratches.

JBL Flip 5 Carrying Case is a Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker vase. It has a Strong and special zipper, which could provide you a much better consumer experience.

This instance is a perfect match for the JBL Flip five Speaker and has far more room to accommodate the chargers and extra accessories. Carrying Box fits for JBL Flip five Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

This Flip five Speaker case features a comfy Carabiner, Hand Strap, and Shoulder strap so that the JBL Flip 5 Speaker can go along with you very easily, you can just hold it anywhere you are going and enjoy music anywhere. Extending the speaker service life, endowing your speaker a brand new lifestyle.

Extra room not just for Charger and USB cable that is included with the speaker, but additionally other speaker accessories. Comfortable rubberized hand with additional shoulder strap, pick how you want as well as get your JBL speaker everywhere without any security issues.


3. Bose SoundLink Charging Cradle:

This invaluable charging cradle from Bose is tailor-made to soak your Soundlink Revolve or maybe Revolve+ charged up and completely ready for use. The speaker sits perfectly on the cradle, ensuring it is completely powered when you would like to go with you, and yes it can play music at the same time as charging.

Dock your Bose SoundLink Revolve or perhaps Revolve+ for charging with the Bose SoundLink Revolve Charging Cradle. At just 4.13″ in diameter, it comes with a compact footprint to save desk or maybe tabletop space. Keeps the speaker charged and completely ready for use.

Works with SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ Bluetooth speakers. Acts as a handy home base for the speaker. Try keeping your portable speaker energized and prepared for use with this particular charging cradle.

Along with charging, the cradle can serve as a handy home base for your speaker. Works with SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ Bluetooth speakers and also allows you to participate in music while charging.

You do not wish to consider charging your speaker. Now you do not need to. Set it on the cradle when you are home, and also it will ask for. It can play music at the same time, and it guarantees your speaker is prepared to go when you are.

4. Charger for Bose Soundlink:

The Bose Soundlink Mini delivers sounds that are lots of in a speaker capable of fitting within the palm of the hands of yours. As it’s very likely you’ll be making use of this particular unit to have the sound of yours on the go, you might be asking yourself if it’s suitable for your USB charging system.

Lithium batteries have a built-in auto-off function when a full charge is covered to keep the battery pack from being overcharged. Even when still plugged in, the battery level is going to have to drop below a particular thing to start charging again.

Generally, the battery will completely charge in approximately 4 hours; this varies based on the charge level as well as the charger used. A complete charge provides power to the speaker for as much as 6 hours.

To charge the Soundlink Mini, just plug the USB conclusion of the cable into a typical USB port and insert the smaller (micro) end of the cord inside the Soundlink Mini to start charging.

So long as you have a lightning-to-micro adapter, the speaker is going to charge fine. Nevertheless, be mindful that the new Soundlink Mini II has a more advanced USB C cord, therefore you might require an extra adapter if you’ve yet to upgrade for this most recent design.

Comparison Between Bose SoundLink Revolve vs JBL Flip 5:

The designers from JBL received a few awards for the sound devices that Motion Picture Academy uses. For this post, I am going to compare the Bluetooth speakers from the 2 firms.

Bose was begun by Amar Bose in 1964. The concept behind the beginning of Bose was creating methods that might hook up to a lot of speakers. When you’ve numerous speakers in the wall surfaces which surround you, it’s simple to produce the outcome of a concert hall. You won’t ever know the power level of Bose speakers since the business doesn’t indicate the majority of the functions on the deal.

Rather than concentrating on voltage and power level and a lot of different specialized features, Bose concentrates on creating speakers that wow the ears of the listeners. They then include that in the speakers of theirs and also the sound which comes from the speakers is impressive.

Audio Quality:

Both JBL and Bose are known to offer higher audio quality. When comparing Bose SoundLink Revolve vs JBL Flip 5, and you’re an audiophile, you are going to love what every one of the speakers is offering, though they provide various sound quality for various genres. Each of them has stereo speakers.

At high and low volumes, both speakers offer up the impeccable sound quality. You can choose one based on your listening needs. Both brands don’t offer a magnet and a vocal coil – rather they have a passive radiator. Because JBL speakers are great, the passive radiator generates much better vibrations to produce heavy bass tones.

Battery Life:

When you often use your speaker inside, you might not care a lot about its battery power. Anybody who takes the speaker of theirs on an adventure understands just how vital it is to have a battery that runs for several hours and costs fast.

The JBL speakers can operate for as much as 24 hours in comparison to Bose speakers, which run for approximately twelve hours. Both speakers have a battery level indicator therefore the electric battery does not run away on you unawares. It will take approximately 4 hours to demand a Bose speaker to full capacity and also approximately 6.5 hours to charge a JBL speaker.

Both speakers haven’t progressed enough to provide wireless charging. Once again, their batteries aren’t removable, but they survive long enough that you might never have to have a battery replacement.

Design and Dimensions:

Bose speakers are more lightweight and occupy less room in your house. The Soundlink Revolve is as much as 5 times smaller compared to the JBL Boombox

In case you require portability, Bose will be the ideal choice.

All of the speakers include a control board for ease of use, as well as they’re both weathers sealed so you can shoot them on the next adventure of yours. Nevertheless, JBL is water-resistant and dustproof, making it a lot more tough for an adventure. JBL includes a detachable cable, making it possible for you to run a substitute cable if you need to, unlike the Bose which might have a fixed cable.

High-Tech Features and Benefits:

Bose speakers are sophisticated. The speakers not just create an impressive cd quality, though they also have numerous convenience systems. Because the speakers connect to Wi-Fi, they enable voice commands.

The settings on the upper part of every speaker enable you to manage the sound and make the relationship with the sound unit. Bose speakers, the people with Wi-Fi connectivity possess a multifunction button you can make use of to Google Assistant or maybe access Siri. Through this, you’re competent to give voice instructions to the speaker so you don’t need to always be near it to press the buttons.

Further, Bose provides an app that you can use to control your speaker. The Bose Music app is a fantastic add-on to the speaker as you can make use of it to equalize the noise and also to get into much more music. You can stream music from services like Pandora and Spotify and even access internet radio.

The app could also enable you to create faster Bluetooth connections and also to troubleshoot any issues the speakers might have. In case you want an enhanced sound system, Bose speakers are going to give you that.

Both brands give voice prompts. The voice prompts present you with voice messages warning you once the unit is running very low and also notifying you of open Bluetooth connections.

Connectivity and Communications:

Both Bose and JBL speakers operate on Bluetooth 4.2 which guarantees fast connections. With this particular relationship, the compressed files don’t lose their quality theirs, you love an extended connection range, so the relationship is quicker.

JBL adds an auxiliary input alternative for when your unit does not support Bluetooth. Further, JBL has 2 USB ports in comparison to the main port which Bose has. Nevertheless, Bose tops support Wi-Fi.

There are several JBL speakers which support Wi-Fi, but Bose has the greatest number of portable speakers offering Wi-Fi connectivity. Another benefit of Bose speakers is they’ve Airplay. Airplay is a wireless link whereby you can apply to stream music from products with an outside screen or even speaker.

Pricing Range:

You are going to pay more for the JBL Boombox than you’ll pay for the Bose SoundLink Revolve and also Revolve+. The JBL speakers are larger and louder, and are going to serve you better in case you’re in a huge space or maybe you’re using it for a tiny crowd. Bose speakers are reduced, though they provide fantastic quality of sound – they might not possess a full bass, though the sound quality is impeccable.

In case you can’t pay for a Boombox, you will find some other less expensive JBL speakers for you. You simply need to do comparisons and select the speaker fitting the requirements of yours.

Final Thoughts on Bose SoundLink Revolve vs JBL Flip 5:

In case you require audiophile quality sound without a full bass, you can choose a Bose Speaker. In case you require highly advanced speakers, consequently, Bose is, in addition, a sensible choice. Both speakers are portable. Bose speakers are lightweight and compact while the JBL speaker features an extended battery life lasting for as much as 24 hours.

Must you choose JBL or Bose? The choice is yours, and also it ought to rely on your budget as well as your sound needs. But, should you want anything that’s over the top and features a full bass, go for JBL.

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